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Who are Positively Disabled N E Lincs?

The Positively Disabled N E Lincs group are a group of volunteers who live in North East Lincolnshire. Some  have disabilities themselves, who formed this organisation, by giving a voice to those with the many types of Disabilities (physical, mental and learning disabilities), on the local services within North East Lincolnshire, which are accessible or should be accessible on a day-to-day basis. The group is assisted by other local agencies and organisations, who in turn, challenge other agencies, organisations and business accessible by disabled people. Which includes Equal Rights and Opportunities for all disabled people. 

What does the group do?

The group’s responsibilities, when possible, are to go out into their communities, engaging with all relevant NHS Professionals including carers, support workers and social workers and with those people that has their variants of Disabilities including people with:

  • Mental Health Issues,

  • Physical Difficulties,

  • Learning Difficulties,

  • Sight and Hearing Impairment.


And by assisting them to access appropriate services, if it is needed to be put into place.


The group discusses any relevant problems and issues in strictest confidence, and involving the appropriate NHS Professionals and those on the Disability Spectrum onto the Positively Disabled Forum group. Thus, receiving the feedback from both parties as to what those with specific Disabilities issues require, and what they would like to see happen for the future for the better, including supporting them, giving them hope, positivity and constructive steps forwards around the governments requirements around meeting the needs of all those on the Disability Act 2010.

Focal Point

The group are also a focal point for those who can't speak out for themselves, as well as to raise awareness of disability access issues, which affect the daily lives of those on the disability spectrum. In addition, by helping them in any way we can.

Disabled people, their carers and other organisations are able to bring any issue that relates to access problems. Those issues are then discussed at these forum meetings (when available), challenged and then relayed to those relevant agencies or organisations and either gets actioned either, on the day of the meeting or before the next meeting, which will be further discussed.


The group also signposts to relevant organisations, such as, health and well-being, education, employment agencies, benefits, transport, housing, safeguarding, adult social care, activity groups and so on.


We provide advocacy support in so many different forms. We offer telephone advice, meeting and assisting with one-to-one support, research into relevant advice and support, and helping out with filling out application forms to name but a few.

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