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Awareness Videos

What is Hate Crime, So Do We

Victim of Hate Crime

Disability Hate Crime

15 Online Scams

Rise of Cyber Crime 2015

The NEW Psychic Scam You Need To Know About

Scams | Psychic Exposed

Scamming the Scammers -

How to Handle Fake Tech Support Calls

Doorstep Crime

Mystery Shopper SCAM -

Fake Postal Money Orders

You've Been Scammed 

Fake Britain

Rogue Traders

 Mail Scam

You've been Scammed

Learning Disability Hate Crime



(Official) Metropolitan Police Crime Prevention - Burglary

Home Security Tools

New Scams to Watch Out For in 2021

11 Tips for Identifying Fake Websites and Phishing Emails

How to avoid Banking Fraud

Vehicle Theft Prevention

Romance Scams warning

Royal Mail Text Postal Scam

Most Common Amazon SCAMS To Be Aware Of!

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