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(Housing Support Action Group)

What is H.S.A.G?

H.S.A.G is a local Housing Support Action group to help those tenants of landlords, whether they rent a Local Housing Association property or Private landlord property.

What is the main aims?

The main aim is to tackle landlords who do not keep up to the service and lettable standards, especially when they put the health, safety and possibly the tenants lives at risk.


We would like to invite, not just all landlords that hold properties under their portfolio, but also letting agents that hold properties for private landlords.

Invitations will also be invited to the council departments, police, ward councillors, fire and rescue service and any other associated persons or departments included within challenging housing sector.


Further information on the aims and objectives, check out the Constitution Revised March 2016

What are the project or activities of the group?

We want to set up a local housing support group in the borough of North East Lincolnshire.


Therefore, to receive the right support in the housing sector, especially for those who suffer from health-related issues and sign post them to the right supported housing sector.


We will engage with all local housing associations and private landlords in the borough.


The meetings will be open to members of the public that ask many questions through the group, and the landlords answer the questions to the best of their ability.


As it will be an ongoing project, we will be aiming for a sustainable venture, with an identity, so that it can give confidence to the membership and reassurance to the communities in the housing sector.


We are looking for funding for setting up an acceptable model for sustainability including covering the cost of hiring five suitable venues for events to enable public consultations exercise, transport cost hire, catering, pre-event advertising and volunteer expenses at each event.


To cover the costs of venue, hire for forum meetings, general advertising, minutes and agendas for meetings and general admin.


Housing support is under resourced for many years, including many issues relating to lack of housing support.

Why is the project needed?

It is needed because there is not enough support for those people who have health and wellbeing issues.

The group will make a considerable difference in access to support those who have issues with LHA and Private Landlords.

With the assistance from the local authorities housing associated departments and local landlords, collectively will improve not just the housing stock, but will improve the health and well-being of the tenants and residents as well as the environment that surrounds them in their communities.

How will your project actively seek to involve as wide a range of people as possible?’

We will welcome all members of the public who are tenants and residents of the borough.

We will invite local housing associations and private landlords and associated council officers.


This will be to the events and forum meetings.

We will then put them on an email list if they wish to continue to work alongside us and to be involved with tenant’s health and welfare.


We meet people from the communities who now are receiving problems with their properties.


The group will work with all different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, races, religions, sexualities, and include those who are 18 and above.


A local group has offered to print a limited number of leaflets and other material that can be handed out free of charge.


This means, they can be handed to associated organisations, so the group can tell them about the project, it’s aims and objectives.

Stronger Communities

By inviting the Safer and Stronger Communities Team, and the members of the communities of the borough, those members could have the opportunity of having a Neighbourhood Watch, will help those communities become more active, safer and look out for each other in time of need.

Improved rural and urban environments

By making sure that the properties in those communities are up to standard, and by including the back and rear gardens, also the area that surrounds the communal areas, it will also boost the impact on an and improved community environment. Whether it is rural or urban.

Instead of looking at untidy environment which could impact on their health.

Healthier and more active people and communities

Because of the improvements that could be made of the housing stock in the borough of North East Lincolnshire, the tenants in those communities will have greater health and wellbeing outcome,

and will give them a greater opportunity to be more active in those communities.

Further information, please contact

Alfred Dumbrell

9 George Janney Court

Grimsby, DN32 7QE

Email: or


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