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Peers Connections Group N E Lincs.

Who are Peers Connections Group?

The Peers Connections Group N E Lincs are a local campaign group, who have a responsibility to go out into the communities (when possible), engaging with all relevant local NHS Professionals and with those people that has Learning Disabilities including the people on the Autistic Spectrum. And by assisting them to access appropriate services, if it is needed to be put into place. The group also assists those on the mental health spectrum by steering them to the relevant agencies and organisations that can deal with specific issues.

The group discusses any relevant problems and issues in strictest confidence, and with involving the appropriate NHS Professionals and those on the Autistic Spectrum onto the Peer Connections Forum group. Thus receiving the feedback from both parties as to what those with Autism, LD and Mental Health require, and  what they would like to see happen for the future for the better, including supporting them, giving them hope, positivity and constructive steps forwards around the governments requirements around meeting the needs of all those on the Autistic Spectrum Implementation law.

For more information, please contact 

C/O 89 Rutland Street, Grimsby, DN32 7NG


Text the Chairman:  07505 701150

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