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Safe Place Scheme

What is the Safe Place Scheme?

The Safe Place Scheme helps people with learning difficulties across the country, to feel confident and safe whilst out and about. If that individual feels that they are bullied, abused, threatened or harassed at anytime whilst they are out, there are "Safe Places" to go to.

Window stickers are used in public places (Shops, Community Groups, Libraries, Cafes, etc.) that are part of this scheme to help the vulnerable adults identify these places are Safe Places.

Cards are also carried by the individuals themselves, they are sometimes act as a "Hate Crime Reporting Card". This card has useful contact numbers which can include: helpline numbers, carer's contact details, family contact details, or any other emergency contacts. 

If an individual needs help they can enter a Safe Place and ask for a contact to be made to any of the numbers on that individuals card.

The card may not be necessary, even though the individual can still ask for assistance from these "Safe Places".

Safer Places will be ready to help and assist anyone who goes to them for help  and create a temporary safe haven for them whatever the circumstance.

The ‘Safe Place’ Logo. A recognised symbol

The Safe Place / Safer Places logo, uses the Widget Symbol and is nationally recognised up and down the country. Which means that, safe places can be found all over the country where the logo is shown, and it is highly visible and recognisable.

Organisations can take part in the scheme. All they have to do, is contact the local scheme provider, sign up, get the required training and place the sticker on their window. It needs to be displayed on a window close to where it can be visible by the individual. Preferably on the front of the organisation's window.

New Safe Place Portal

Safe Places Org CIC are a not-for-profit company, that contains information of where the nearest "Safe Place" in the individuals area. It has a website where this information is stored. The new website is

Existing schemes and local authorities can become members of the site, so all "Safe Places" details are available to everyone at all times, no matter where they are in the UK. The Safe Places site has developed, because of the needs for those individuals to have a knowledge of where to go in case of need,. It can also be accessed as independently as possible by the potential users of the scheme.

Accessibility features include Point symbols and FS ME font that is developed for those with Learning Disabilities and Difficulties. The project is now looking to register would like to register more safe places. If you like to join the scheme, please check with your local scheme provider, or email

Look out for upcoming bulletins in the coming months for news of the free-to-use apps being launched to work in conjunction with the Safe Places Org CIC websit, on

Safe Places Scheme-Personal Stories

Safe Places Scheme

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