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All adults (aged 18 years and over) should be able to live free from fear and harm and have their rights and choices respected.

Some vulnerable adults may not be able to protect themselves because they have: -

  • a disability and / or are frail

  • a mental health problem

  • a serious illness

  • difficulty making their wishes and feelings known


Abuse may be physical or sexual, it may involve people taking money or possessions (financial or material abuse) without permission, or not looking after someone properly (neglect and acts of omission.  It may include bullying or humiliation, or not allowing contact with friends or family (emotional / psychological abuse).  Abuse can be the result of a single act, or may continue over months or even years (institutional abuse).


The person carrying out the abuse could be a relative, a partner, someone paid to provide care and services or even a volunteer, a neighbour, a friend or a stranger. 


Often the person carrying out the abuse is someone close to the vulnerable adult; someone who is loved and trusted by them. 


Sometimes people can abuse without actually knowing it; where they may think they are caring for someone, but may not know how to do it properly or some people will deliberately abuse adults they see as an easy target.  Abuse can be accidental or a deliberate act, either way advice is available.

All you need to do is share your concerns with focus, independent adult social work – your call could make a difference.


The Safeguarding Adults Team of focus, independent adult social work operates within the multi-agency safeguarding partnership that is well established within North East Lincolnshire.  The primary function of the Safeguarding Adults Team is to provide a response to allegations of abuse in line with Department of Health 'No Secrets' Guidance 2000.


To undertake this role a multi-disciplinary team of professionals has been established with a wide range of experience across the health and social care sector.  The team operate a duty system for the screening of referrals and the initiation of any investigation that needs to take place.  The team also take part in and/or co-ordinate any subsequent safeguarding adults investigations that take place.


The Team are on hand between the office hours of 8.30 am to 5.00 pm (Monday to Friday) to offer advice and support regarding Safeguarding Adults matters and they can be contacted via the focus - independent adult social work Single Point of Access on 01472 256 256.  


If you have any urgent queries outside of these office hours you should still contact the Single Point of Access on 01472 256 256 who will be able to advise appropriately to assist in managing any immediate risk.  If in the event of an emergency, the usual emergency response services should be contacted by dialling 999.


The Safeguarding Adults Team is also the initial contact and referral point for all enquiries around the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (MCA DoLS).  All enquiries should be directed to the Safeguarding Adults Team via the focus - independent adult social work Single Point of Access on 01472 256 256.  Details of your enquiry will be taken and either passed on to the Mental Capacity Act Manager or a Best Interests Assessor to respond accordingly. 


Should you have any further queries please contact the team on 01472 256 256.  Further information can also be obtained by visiting the focus, independent adult social work website

  • No Secrets Guidance

  • Process Map

  • Safeguarding Card

  • Safeguarding Poster

  • Safeguarding Adults Annual Report


To view the web pages for the Safeguarding Adults Board and its governance arrangements click 

Further information about Safeguarding Adults,

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