Easter Raffle 2018

Today we drew the Easter Raffle, raising funds for a new Heart Monitor at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

with thanks to the Peers Connections Group and Positively Disabled volunteers, it was a success. Not to mention the people that bought raffle tickets.

Here are the raffle prizes that were won.

Raffle prize and numbers were as follows:


Terry's All Gold - 90

Mobile phone tag and jewellery set - 220

Mystery Books - 319

Cream Cleanser - 234

Purple cream cleanser - 228

Fruity White wine - 330

Black and gold Necklace and Bracelet - 45

Blue Bracelet - 164

Celebrations - 256

Aftershave - 211

Chocolate lollys - 129

Fly Screen -

Walkers Chocolates - 25

Tea Light - 312

Total funds raised was £69

Many thanks to you all and have a Fantastic Easter.

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